About Us

In the East, astrology is known as “Jyotish”, astrologers are known as “Jyotishis”, and “Jyote” meaning light from a lamp. Hence, an astrologer is also known as a “Joshi” (a shorter version of “Jyotishi”).

The words have originated from Sanskrit, one of the most refined and advanced languages known to mankind.

Another system in the East is the “Gotra” system, whereby, the origin of a family is known and traced back to the historic periods (prior to approximately 4000 years). We belong to one such lineage, and our family of astrologers can be traced back to about 4000 – 4500 years.

Just as a lamp is used to reduce darkness and shed light, astrological knowledge has been used to provide spiritual guidance and guide mankind   towards spiritual enlightenment, from ancient times.

We have provided astrological guidance to people from all walks of life, in Australia, New Zealand and globally, for the past ten years.

We have endeavoured to combined centuries old wisdom with modern technology and offer astrology guidance for a quality life style.

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